The city of Bath is the perfect place for a romantic short break

Bath is a compact and walkable city and can easily be explored on foot. Wander hand in hand through the cobbled streets, parks and gardens. If the weathers fine sit on a park bench and enjoy the view or stroll along the riverbank. Here you will find Pulteney Bridge. It is one of only four of its kind in the world, lined by shops on both sides.

Photo by Mark Cardy, courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa

A Romantic Date

The New Forest is beautiful at any time of the year and because of its own unique climate it's often relatively warm. This area is England's newest National Park and has been a protected wilderness for many years. It is now recognised as one of the most important and unique wilderness areas in Western Europe.

Emma's Diary


The rain fell relentlessly down the window. Monday Morning. The weekend had passed in a flash and I'd barely spoken to Mr D. He'd been busy catching up on his computer. I'd been to the gym, lunch with two girlfriends and catching up with the housework. I contemplated my bowl of fruit and yoghurt, another solitary breakfast, Mr D had left early, business trip to Prague. I checked my diary, two particularly difficult clients for Monday, Tuesday, head office Wednesday, Oh Joy!

Mr D's Diary


Got 7.30am flight so left early. Emma looked cute asleep, hope I didn't wake her when I left. Check in and security seems to take longer every time I fly. Soon I will spend more time in the airport than on the plane.

Is the Love Letter Dead?

In times past lovers would woo each other and affirm their love for each other with Romantic and often scented love letters. In these modern times with instant communication via e-mail, mobile telephone and text messages with their new text speak the love letter seems doomed. Writing letters is seen as slow and old fashioned and these days referred to by the somewhat derogatory term snail mail.


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Men always want to be a womans first love - women like to be a mans last romance

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