Is the Love Letter Dead?

For my part I think it a shame that something so meaningful should be replaced by something so disposable as an e-mail or a text message. What better way to show someone how special you think they are than by taking the time to find nice stationery and to write and post a letter which once read can be kept forever?

If you, like so many of us have hand writing that is barely legible you can type it on your computer. Switch from that trusty old Times New Roman font to something a little more personal such as Freestyle Script font and print it on a pastel coloured paper. If even this is too much of a break with modern practise and you can't bring yourself to revert to snail mail there are still things you can do to make your e-mail a little more personal and special. These can make it stand out from the plethora of e-mail that the special person in your life receives every day.

E-mail packages such as Outlook come bundled with a range of e-stationery which can give your e-mail a much more personal feel. This coupled with the right font can really make your e-mail stand out as something a little more personal and special

Using stationery in Microsoft Outlook could not be easier. Open Outlook, go to tools and select options from the drop down list. This will open a box with seven tabbed sections in it. Select mail format. In the middle of the open box you will find a sub section labelled Stationery and Fonts. Click on the Stationery Picker button and a drop down list will appear with all the stationery options available to you. There is a handy preview screen so that as you click on each of the different stationery options you can see what it looks like. Once you have decided on the stationery you like click ok and you will return to the options box, now click on the Fonts button. A new box opens in which you can set your default font for new messages, replying and forwarding and then composing and reading new text. Click on the choose font button for new messages and check out the various font options available, again there is a preview box to show you what it looks like. You also need to set the default point size for the font. Once you have found the one you like press ok and then press ok to close the options box. One bug I have found is that Outlook seems to want to revert to the standard font. If this happens to you simply re select the desired font in the tool bar when you are writing your mail.

There you have it, all that remains is to open new message and start writing. My favourite combination is the ivy staionery with Script MT bold font, but there are a lot of options so why not check them out? Just remember to reset them before you send an e-mail to someone other than the love of your life.

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