Mr D's Diary


Presentation went well. Went to dinner with guys from the office. We all went on to a club but just too tired so left early and went back to the hotel.


Steve showed up late, god he looked rough. Overheard conversation at coffee, apparently he disappeared about 11.00pm with some girl he met in the bar. He says he has been ill all night, something he ate. (of course lol).


Bloody flight delayed. Got home about 2.00am this morning, dinner on side in kitchen with plate on it. Didn't fancy it much so left it. Emma already asleep.


Felt knackered this morning. Reported outcome of meeting to the board. Project plan will have to be revised by next week. I will have to start it over the weekend. Hope Emma won't be too annoyed. It seems ages since we did anything together. The weeks just seem to roll into each other lately.

John and Allison called and invited us over for lunch, they were celebrating, just found out Allison expecting. I said yes, Emma could do with a chilled day out. Start project rework tomorrow.  

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