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Mr D due back from his trip to Prague this evening. He'd be tired and grumpy with a suitcase full of work to be completed; no doubt it would take him well into the weekend. I stared at my computer, desperately struggling with yet another spreadsheet. This was the essence of my work now since the company had gone down this everything must be micromanaged route.

Mr D's plane had been delayed, he'd returned sometime in the early hours and now lay fast asleep on the other side of the bed. It had been a fun idea buying the huge bed - now you could drive a bus through the space between the pair of us. I dragged myself out of bed, remembering those times, we'd only been married three years, where was the romance and the passion we once shared?

Some friends called and invited us to an impromptu lunch. I would have preferred a quiet day with just the two of us. When was the last time we had been alone for a day let alone a whole weekend?

I remember the first time we met six years ago at a conference. We were both at a booth looking at the same literature, the salesman thought we were together and started on his talk before realising his mistake and making his apologies. Mr D looked at me with a smile in his eyes. I melted like some love struck teenager and then quickly admonished myself. What nonsense! I'd always been so practical and business like and besides had only recently amicably parted from my boyfriend of some years. The last thing I wanted were the complications of another relationship so soon. I put the incident out of my mind until some months later at a glitzy black tie charity dinner when there he was again.... He caught my eye and walked over to me. "Remember me?" It was no good I failed miserably to quell the fluttering in my heart and allowed myself to fall deeply and passionately in love.

The first summer we were together was Mr D's 30th birthday and I decided to plan something special, a trip to Bath, a wonderful romantic surprise. Mr D was away on a business trip until the day before his birthday. I arranged to pick him up from the airport. It was an adventure from the start picking him up from the garage just outside to avoid all the queues. I laughed as he jumped the barrier, bag flying out behind him, leaping into the car and kissing me on the cheek as I roared away. Destination Bath.

We chatted non-stop all the way to Bath. Time always flew by when we were together. Our work meant we both travelled extensively so time spent together was even more precious. Excitedly I approached Bath, I had checked the location before picking Mr D up, except the hotel wasn't where I thought it was. On the third time of passing the same landmarks I pulled up, feeling distraught. I scrabbled around in my handbag finding the address which I written down - incorrectly - Only one answer I'd have to check the online booking details on my computer, and yes there it was the hotel we had passed three times. All this time Mr D just said "It'll be ok dont worry we'll find it" Oh so refreshing. The hotel was perfect: the room was beautiful, the bath huge and easily big enough for two and a bottle of chilled champagne awaited our arrival. I had bought some wonderful smelly romantic bath melts and we lay in the huge bath enjoying the romance of the warm aroma when Mr D quipped "I didn't really need a chest wax" I was mortified I'd left a plaster on my big toe where I had a blister from my latest pair of shoes. He just grinned and then gathered me up in his arms........ Later we strolled out onto the terrace for an evening drink before dinner. I felt so happy I thought I would burst.

The next two days passed in pure bliss, we explored Bath walking hand in hand through the alleys and squares stopping for lunch at a wonderful Italian right next to the Pulteney Weir. Then strolled along the banks of the Avon until we reached the Bath Boating station where we hired a skiff for an hour. I lay back watching Mr D's powerful body make light of the rowing as we glided through the water, sun shining, what could be more perfect. In the evening we went to the Roman baths which were lit by torchlight. Mr D impressed me with his historical knowledge and understanding of the era. The next day after a long and leisurely breakfast we continued our exploration of Bath. We visited the Royal Crescent, and the Circus and of course indulged in some shoppping at the wide array of shops purchasing some very slinky underwear for me at the Dressing Room. The last stop was at the Pump room for afternoon tea listening to romantic music. A most perfect and romantic two days.

Mr D called up the stairs, "Emma are you ready yet" Startled I quickly finished changing. Still it's my birhtday soon, maybe we could go back to Bath? There's still so much to see and we were there before they opened Thermae Spa.

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